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The site is still a work in progress but if you are interested in having me

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  • teach hands on for a small group
  • teach a workshop for your group or org
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  • present at your bdsm/lifestyle/alt sexuality event

These are the classes I have been presenting for the past 15 years.  I am a published, award winning bondage/fetish photographer and one of the very few professional bondage riggers as past director of  


Please contact me @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for details.  I will work with you to put together the best program to fit your needs & desires.


If you are in the Baltimore area you may be interested in Bondage Club Baltimore, a school of bondage.


Individual classes

Rope Bondage classes

101 - 401 Rope Bondage (4 separate classes)

From why we tie/want to be tied to choosing the right ropes in the right lengths this series covers most aspects of all of my classes.  From basic knots to speed ties to multi-dimensional dynamic suspensions. Be it 4 individual classes or an all day/weekend intensive, any aspect of rope bondage can & will be covered depending on needs of the students.  This is a series of 4 different classes.


*** Bag of Tricks : Foundation Ties for Life

Why does bondage look so easy for some & others are left feeling they don't know enough to satisfy their partners? For many it's the very simple basics that reside in their "Bag of tricks", all those little knots, twists & hitches, variations and shortcuts that are learned over time that have been put away until needed. Did you know there was more than 5 ways to tie a single column tie? When to use a knot that you KNOW will collapse & use it anyway? Why some ropes are better to use than others & when you can get away with using something not made for this purpose. When & how to cheat during a tie that HAS to be done a special way, etc... This is a precursor class for EVERYTHING rope bondage related.  Everyone has a "Bag of Tricks" some people fill it regularly with everything they see & learn in all aspect of bdsm & pull out that knowledge when needed.  Others don't even realize that they have one & are using it but don't know they are while others, like Lochai, rummage through it daily categorizing and sorting it.

There are some ties and skills that every person, be them top or bottom, just need to have in their "Bag of Tricks"  Certain ties that need to become muscle memory & done without thought if you want to "tie your partner & not your ropes".  In this class we will be demonstrating & drilling everyone on the ties that will be with you forever.  One of the main ties/knots that will be learned is the Somerville Bowline


*** Bondage for Sex

The name says it all... For some, tying itself is sex and for others rope is a way to keep your partner in the positions you want to use them in. Learn how to bind your partner for maximum exposure.  This class is not only for the beauty of the ties but for the raw exposure for your partner's sexual use.  Learn how to bind your partner in positions that will give access & comfort for the down & dirty.  We will also go over some self bondage techniques to use to surprise your "soon to be home" Top. In this class we will discuss single, double, triple & even quad appendage ties. This class is for everyone.


Breast Bondage

If it has a nipple, it can be tied.  This class goes over the pleasure of nipple/breast bondage for both men & woman. Ways to bind any size breast from small natural to huge enhanced breasts. Also talks about the health aspects of breast play.


Bringing It Down

Rock solid, heavy hitting, sensual and hot... Take your time to contemplate your next move. So often suspension is directly related to Japanese style bondage and many new riggers think that they are not "riggers" till they have a suspension under their belt. This class will show the power & energy of floor work. The pure beauty of simple ties that can be done anywhere there is a floor, bed, table or ground... Hogties, bondage for sex, partial suspension (arm or leg) We will talk about the use of bamboo to enhance the look & restriction of our ties. "We don't need no stinking suspension" to have fun. For those who are already doing suspensions, this class will also go over safe ways to transition form flying to lying...... How to bring your bottom down safely.


*** Dual Riggers (Demo/Discussion, All Skill Levels taught with either Lqqout, The Hammer or another top of similar skill level)

Hot threesomes & foursomes are the root of many sexual fantasies in the Nilla world and they grow in intensity tenfold when they hit the mind of kinky rope pervs! Join Lochai and XXXX as we discuss how to set up and enact hot dual (multi) rigger scenes. There are many factors to take into account when additional hands and bodies join in on the fun. Skill levels of both the tops & the bottoms need to be taken into account when ropes & ties are shard between multiple partners in a single scene. We'll demonstrate various play situations, discuss the factors they introduce, and share a few stories along the way.



From classic wrist-to-ankle ties to full immobilization ties, this class will go over various ways to bind your partner in the most recognized position in bondage. The hogtie is on of the first ties many people learn when exploring bondage and it stays with you at every level. From Damsel in Distress (DID) to Japanese versions there will be something for every body type and flexibility level.


*** Predicament Bondage

Depending on the relationship between top & bottom there are many forms of predicaments that can be used for pain & pleasure. Ranging from mental through mechanical we will discuss what makes win/win win/lose situations fun, humiliating & hot for all. Our main focus will be on the use of rope and the mental fortitude of your bottom to create situations where no matter which way they turn, we all win in the end. Please bring an open mind and all your suggestions........


Rope Intentions

Not just the how of rope bondage but also the why and how to convey the feelings & emotions through intentional handling of the ropes. From the time you caress your partner with a bondage offering as the ropes are removed from their bag to the aroma of the jute as the coils are unwound.  This class will help you connect with both the ropes themselves & your partner.  Learn why gentle times are powerful during rough play & how to intensify the relationship while binding.


*** See How Easy That Was?  Deconstruction of Bondage Ties

We have all looked at photos, presentations, performances and others around us playing and said in one way or another, "How do they do that"? "I wish I could do that", "I'll never tie like that". This class is for everyone, no matter what level of skill who want to be the person others look at and say the same.

We will be looking at the standard ties, TK, chest ties, wrist/ankle ties, karada's and the like & deconstructing them down to their basic components and foundation ties. We we also look at suspensions and partial suspensions and break them down into their basics. If we stop looking at only the end result to base our skill level & start looking at ties from all directions, we will all grow more quickly in our skills and realize that rope bondage is simple.

This class is for you if you want to learn why ties work, what they are made of & how they create a sense of comfort with a partner.



*** Speed Bondage

How to choose lengths of rope & how to tie with speed & accuracy which for many bottoms enhances their pleasure.  This class will show you many ways to improve your confidence & abilities which in turn will reduce the amount of time it will take to solidly secure your rope partner.  Being "faster" is not the goal of this class but conservation of energy & time is...



Dynamic Play Classes



From Victorian spankings to canes & whips.  Punishment play to real punishment.  We discuss the mindset needed to accomplish our goals in this form of play.  Tools of the trade will be discussed, demoed & shared. This is a thinking person's class and there will be topics discussed that will make you rethink your own form of play.


*** Fuck Dogma: I would rather think for myself

Dogma: a settled or established opinion, belief, or principle: the classic dogma of objectivity in scientific observation. Synonyms: conviction, certainty.

NEVER put rope around the neck. Never do drugs & engage in s&m play, Never hit the kidneys with a flogger, Never play with a new partner without knowing their last name. We have all heard these steadfast NO's before but is this the way we should be engaging in our pleasures? This talk will NOT endorse nor condemn any form of play or opinion. We will have a very open & frank discussion on modes of play & what is looked on as doctrine & what is looked at as mere speculation & personal opinion.  This is a thinking persons class.

Please come with an open mind & share with everyone why your play is ok & another persons play is not. This will NOT be about who is right, it will be about how to look at every situation from multiple angles.


*** Introduction to Event Attendance : Creating your "Bag of Tricks"

Are you frightened? ... you should be... you should be...... Not At All! This is a general introduction to attending your first event, class, demo, group, party etc.... How do I say hello, how do I get to know what classes to take, protocol, how do I etc, etc, etc.... This will be an very fun icebreaker class with hands on demo aspect to games to icebreaker talks & contests. Be one of the "In crowd" in the first 10 mins of your first event.

Create & learn how to use a "Bag of Tricks", skills you have learned filed away from every encounter regardless if it's "your style" or not.  One day you will be very glad you listened in on the "Nasal Fisting" class ;-)

Just bring yourself & an open mind.


NOT your Grandma's Enema

From cleansing for anal play to deep humiliation for the sake of it, giving & receiving enemas is a form of play that can delight & degrade. Learn the ins & outs of one of the most invasive forms of invasion possible.  This class will go over the power & control one can have over their partner which is impossible to deny.


The Performer's Mindset

There may not be a stage nor a large audience but if you go into a play session with "TPM" you will be getting rave reviews from your partners & those lucky enough to be present during your play.  This is a discussion on confidence & mind set & not particular skills.  Once you understand "TPM" you will have bottoms asking YOU for play instead of the other way around.  If your bottom sees you as someone unsure of their skills they will be reluctant to let go & allow you to take them higher.


Puppy Play

For the human canine.  Discussion & hands on workshop that will have you playing from the start.  Animal role play is a fun, dynamic & downright HOT form of play that anyone can participate in with little or no equipment or training.  Learn aspect of consensual as well as "Consensual NON consent" forms of puppy play.


*** The Roles We Play

Role play in our every day life many times conflicts with the sexual roles we want to live in the lifestyle.  How do we merge the 2, or 3, or 4 roles we may take on.  Teacher, doctor, lawyer, ceo, mother, father, student etc...  Puppy, slave, submissive, Dom, Teacher, Sir, Madam, Mistress, Goddess etc...  Another aspect of the class is titles....  How do we earn them & is it OK to buy or make them up.

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